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EMF Protection, EMF Pendants, energy jewelry, UnicMatrix


Ancient Energy Jewelry
Handmade in Germany with Love​​
For EMF Protection​
For More Energy
For Relaxation
We are Fashion & Balance

UnicMatrix® jewelry is made to keep you youthful, happy and strong. Centerpiece of the jewelry is a matrix, consisting of precious metals, minerals and herbs. This ancient formula is based on Paracelsus, who pioneered the use of chemicals and minerals in 1526. He is a world renowned alchemist, physician, astrologer and scientist.

The jewelry matrix picks up the body's own weak electromagnetic waves and reflects them back slightly altered and enhanced. UnicMatrix® protects you from EMF, the harmful effects that comes from cell phones, power lines, wifi. It promotes relaxation, more energy, centered emotions, increased happiness, restful sleep.

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