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UnicMatrix® Gold & Platinum Collection

EMF Protection, EMF Pendants, EMF Bracelets

e.Pyramid Pink Lady

e.Disc Platinum Zen

e.Pyramid Pink Happiness


Regular price $299.00


Regular price $264.00


Regular price $249.00

Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Limited Edition


All UnicMatrix® ceramic models are handmade using a special Japanese technique of compounding precious metal in clay. The powder of the energizing ingredient is added to the raw clay. The pendant is formed from that compound by hand and given a aesthetic design. The next step is to brand the clay, followed by a slow cooling process of a few days. The second layer of liquid gold or platinum adds the attribute of matte purple-gold or platinum finishing ground. The third layer of transparent gloss seals the ornaments. In the fourth and final layer, a precious metal plate of gold or platinum is buffed to a high gloss finish. Altogether, the production of one piece, including the cooling time, takes 11 days. The whole production process is performed completely by hand. Color and pattern may vary. Delivered with two fabric necklaces. For the preservation of optimal effectiveness: hold your UnicMatrix® jewel under running water for at  least a minute once a week and wash out the energy that it has collected. Also rinse your UnicMatrix® before using it for the first time!




Regular price $199.00

Limited Edition

Handmade minimalist bracelet (1.0 - 1.5 cm) made of Yeelium®, a precious metal alloy of fine silver, platinum, fine gold and copper.




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